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With over 10+ years of helping people win, we know a thing or two about winning! Check out these helpful tips designed to maximize your winning potential.


Our #1 tip is to stay consistent with entering! Entering daily helps maximize your chances of winning. The more entries you accumulate, the more you increase your odds of winning. This is our top tip for good reason... it works! Stay the course and don’t give up - someone is going to win and it could be YOU!


Use the daily entries tab to quickly locate sweepstakes and contests that can be entered daily. This feature is available with a premium membership.


Thinking those lottery tickets might not be the best investment of your hard-earned money? You're probably right. With such small odds of winning, you have a better chance of taking home an Olympic Gold Medal than winning the lottery. On the other hand, sweepstakes are free to enter and have much better odds of winning!


Utilize Entry Tracker to quickly see which sweepstakes are available for entry. This exciting tool will help you maximize your number of entries! Entry Tracker uses the entry frequency rules of each promotion to show you when you are eligible to enter. The button displays “enter contest” when you are eligible to enter, “not time yet” when you need to wait before your next entry, and “max reached” when you have reached your maximum number of entries. This feature is available to premium members and automatically turns on when logged in.


Be the first to know when a new sweepstakes is added in your favorite categories! To activate email alerts, click the “email alert” box located at the top of each category page. When a new promotion is added, you’ll receive an email notification! This feature is available with a premium membership.


Are you concerned about spam emails filling your inbox? Consider creating a new email account that is only used for sweeping. While many sweepstakes allow you to opt-out of marketing emails, some require you to opt-in as a condition of entering. If you do create a dedicated sweepstakes email, be sure to check it daily. Winning email notifications can be time sensitive!


Add, manage, and organize your favorite sweepstakes in a user-friendly “favorites” list. This feature is available with a premium membership.


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