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We’ve always been obsessed with helping people win. It’s what we do. See why ultracontest is the internet’s premier sweepstakes & contest website.


  • Hundreds of sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways in one convenient location.
  • To enter, click “enter contest” and fill out the brief entry form – it’s that easy.
  • Upgrade to premium and gain access to the following valuable tools designed to help you win: Entry Tracker, Daily Entries, Favorites, Code Words, Optional Email Updates, & more!


  • 10+ years as an industry leader, with a reputation for excellence and high performance.
  • As consumer advocates, we vet all the sweepstakes posted on our site - only the best, most reputable sweepstakes make the cut.
  • Join over 70,000 members who trust ultracontest with their sweepstakes experience.

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We find the best sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests on the web, and feature them in one convenient location.

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Click get started in the top right corner to explore our site's features and learn about our free and premium plans.

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Browse our impressive listing of sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests. To enter, click “enter contest” and fill out the brief entry form – it’s that easy!

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Use the popular Daily Entries tab to quickly locate sweepstakes and contests that can be entered daily. The Daily Entries feature is available when you upgrade to premium.

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Check out our Resources page for Tips, Video Tutorials, and faqs. And visit our Chatroom to connect with our awesome community.

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we love entry tracker and we hope you will too!

Entry Tracker is our cutting-edge entry tracking system available with a Premium Membership. Here’s how it works:


The "enter contest" button will be displayed next to a contest when you are eligible to enter.


Some contests allow you to enter more than 1 time. The "not time yet" button will be displayed if you need to wait in order to enter again.


The "max reached" button will be displayed next to a contest if you have reached your maximum number of entries.

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Our mission is to make ultracontest.com the world’s most respected source for online sweepstakes, bringing inspiration and reliability to your sweepstakes experience. When you win, we win.

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over 70,000 users choose ultracontest

Only the best, most reputable sweepstakes make it on our site. That’s why over 70,000 (and growing!) members trust ultracontest with their sweepstakes experience.


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